InsideTime: Penned Up and Free

“Sitting in a classroom in HMP Erlestoke, along with a small group of fellow prisoners in October 2016, I listened intently as a question was posed. Could we organise a festival from within the prison walls? Little did I know this would snowball into something that would have a huge impact on my life.”– Steve…

Penned Up 2 – HMP Erlestoke’s Second Literary Festival

Following the huge success of the inaugural literary festival at HMP Erlestoke in 2017, planning began almost instantly to provide an even bigger and better version the following year. Read more:

InsideTime: Cash Back in Prison

Man who made iconic San Quentin film reveals ‘simmering rage’ atmosphere before seminal concert by country music star Johnny Cash. Read more:

InsideTime: Could we really host a festival in prison?

In July 2016, a small group of staff and prisoners were discussing literacy initiatives when that question was asked. There were more than a couple of quizzical glances shot across the room. Who could or indeed would come to the prison? Who would interest the population? Read more: